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Rich Maciejewski: Spirituality and Place

What constitutes sacred ground in our culture today, if it even exists?


These photos propose that we still regard many places as sacred. Some of these are places honored for their cultural significance. Many are places of private response. They are often marked by hand-made expressions of faith and can be as simple as a backyard garden or favorite sitting spot

Photographer Rich Maciejewski explores what he calls “vernacular spiritual expressions tied to the landscape”, primarily in his home state of Wisconsin. He also follows certain traditions back to their European roots, and documents similar places in New Mexico.


These photos ask what do we see when we look at landscapes? Does nature serve as a language which we use to understand the sacred?

Sacred_place_copies7695 copy.jpg

Wisconsin Sites

Sacred_place_copies7648 copy.jpg

Polish Roots

Sacred_place_copies7624 copy.jpg

Other Places

Sacred_place_copies7675 copy_edited_edit

Daily Life


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